Thursday, April 28, 2011

Outfit 1 - Petite Fashion Challenge #7 "The Little Black Dress"

Well, I am finally joining in on the festivities! Let this be my first official fashion post!

Petite Fashion Challenge #7 "The Little Black Dress"
A little black dress (LBD) is essential in every woman's wardrobe. It's always great for back-up if you run out of outfit ideas for a night out. Adding a pop of colour to your LBD will change up its look and make your dress a little less boring.

The little black dress I chose is of pretty poor quality, but I appreciate the style and wouldn't mind finding something like it with better quality material.  Here, I firstly styled it with a chunky necklace and a pair of blue pumps.  We can hardly see my bracelets though.  Oh wells.  They're not important.  


Next, I added a crocheted vest from my most recent thrifting adventures. 


Now I added a blue clutch to match my shoes.  Royal blue is one of my favorite colors, and that was before this color became all the rage.  =P  I know that nowadays, it's not necessary to match shoes to purses, but does it look lame if we do?  Just something I'm pondering....Hmmm...

Better view of the accessories.

Here's a closeup of the shoes. I thrifted these shoes for $5, made in Spain!  I just love the color to death, and even though they are not my usual fare given the heel height, I just could not resist for the price and quality.

Dress: Ross 
Vest: Thrifted
Necklace: Target
Bracelet: Icings
Clutch: Target
Shoes: Saint Tropez - Thrifted

Well, if you made it this far, thanks for reading! 

Why Hello There. ^_~

Well, there's always the first entry for a tiny little introduction.  I've been following fashion blogs for a couple of months now, and what can I say, I got "inspired" to jump onto the bandwagon.  I won't promise original ideas here, as I'm more of a follower than a leader, but I'm just giving myself the opportunity to document some good and perhaps some not-so-good outfits here.

As from the name "LePetiteLemon", you can easily learn that I am.... *a Lemon*.  ^_~ all seriousness, I get to be "Petite".  Yay.  Sorta.  Maybe.  No......NOOOOOOO!!!  And, I ain't one of those stick-figured petites, though oh how I envy thee!!!  =P  I am just exactly 5 feet tall.  Maybe I will include more thorough measurements in the future, but who knows if that will be helpful or not.  (Maybe I wanna slim down before I post those measurements to the world!)

Also, I am no speaker/studier/knower of French, so maybe the grammar on this LePetiteLemon is incorrect?  Maybe it's suppose to be LeLemonPetite??  Oh boy......I kinda feel slightly embarrassed here.  Just slightly.   ^_~
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