A Lil More About Me

Hi!  Thanks for stopping by my fashion blog and taking the even further step of trying to get to know a bit more about  lil' ol' me!  =D  I'm honored!

I'm just a girl who is trying to document outfits and recreate some new ones inspired by my favorite bloggers.  I'm still learning and have a long way to go, but I've also come a long way from my poorly dressed days.  I shudder thinking back!  >_<

I also get to be "petite" in stature, meaning I am barely 5 feet tall!  :(  But, there are perks to being petite....errrrm, such as.......not running into branches that taller people would on a hike, per se.  =P 

I love thrifting and wish I had discovered all the joys and thrills it has to offer sooner.  I've been thrifting for three years now and my most loved clothes are from thrift stores. 

If it were up to me, (which I suppose it is) I would live in dresses and skirts! 

Some other interests of mine are craft-related.  I enjoy cooking, baking, card-making, jewelry-making, scrapbooking, taking pictures of my creations, and collecting craft supplies.  =P  I also intend to dust off my sewing machine and use my very limited knowledge to sew something that is not a pillow-case.  =D

I'm into green beauty and sadly, I don't use any of the fun cosmetics that everyone else uses.  :( However, that also severely limits my options, which means less money on products and more towards clothing!  Bwahahahahahaha.  >:P

I enjoy learning more and more about fitness and nutrition and am currently practicing the Paleo approach to eating.  Apparently, it's about eating the way our ancestors did, which included a lot more fat, moderate protein, and moderate to few carbohydrates.  In other words, I'm not afraid to eat the fat from my piece of grass-fed lamb!  Mmmmmm....

Oh, though I am attempting to eat this way, I oftentimes fail miserably.  Related to baking, I LOVE making sweets or desserts that happen to look super-cute!!  That means cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, and more!  I have a pile of recipes that I want to attempt!  The caveat is that I usually make these sweets for OTHER people!  Labor of love I tell ya! 

Okay, you can probably tell that I'm obsessed with food from all this!  >_<

What else do I love?  Well, of course, plenty of sunshine and blue skies, puppies, rainbows and dew drops.  All that jazz.  :)  

So, thanks for reading if you've made it this far!  I'd like to get to know you too!  :) 

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