Monday, January 16, 2012

Outfit 59 - Light Blue Chambray Shirt + Browns

Happy 2012 everyone!!  Sorry I disappeared off the face of the earth for the past 3 months....I have an excuse though!  I mean, aside from the cold/uninspired excuse I used last entry.  =P  How shall I say this?  Let's just are going to see me gradually expand in the next couple of months!!  (If ya know what I mean, *Wink Wink, nudge nudge* ^_~)  I'm on Week 12!  :) 

I know it's no excuse for not keeping up with my beloved fashion bloggers though, but for awhile, I kinda felt unmotivated to be creative.  Plus, I have placed myself on a clothing shopping ban indefinitely, except for emergencies, of course.  =P  I'm going to miss thrifting a lot, but I will try to make due with what I have at the moment.  I should be taking advantage of my button-up shirts and non-expandable clothing while I can!  And, without further adieu.....


I'm honing in on the browns! 

 This skort fits very snuggly.  I'll have to retire it soon!  :/ 

So hopefully you'll be seeing more of me in the future, twice a week, I hope!!  Maybe someone needs to prod me! :)  

Cardigan - Thrifted
Chambray Shirt - Target
Belt - Thrifted
Skort - Thrifted
Tights - Target
Boots - Steve Madden Cadence - Zappos
Purse - Mark


  1. It's an awesome find. thanks for sharing!A new follower!

    Kim, USA

  2. Congratulations!!!! Can't wait to witness the "expansion."

  3. OMG! Congrats!!! I was thinking something big must be happening at your end ;) I've enjoyed following the other fashionable-with-child bloggers, haha, would love to follow yours! You look great with brown tights and button-up shirt! I've yet to try brown tights!

  4. Ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh - I am so EXCITED for you!!!!! Congratulations to you and your hubby!! And wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months! If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask. I hope you'll post every once in a while - I have a special place in my heart for baby bumps :) And you look wonderful in your chambray + brown ensemble! Do you have Twitter?

  5. congrats!!! :)

    i totally know how you feel about posting regularly...hehe. But it's worth the wait...your OOTD is absolutely smashing, esp the boots! :)

  6. Congratulations! That's wonderful news!

  7. Hoo-ray! Congrats on the baby news. How exciting for you! Thrifting is great for finding stuff to wear during pregnancy. Looking forward to seeing more posts from you.

  8. I don't blame you for wanting to wear tunics all the time - I spent the majority of my time in a dress of some sort. Comfort is key! Also didn't really want to buy anything (well, at least not something specific for maternity) since you only get to wear it for a little bit. The concept of buying designer maternity clothes just baffles me.

  9. Bet you have the cutest little baby bump by now. :) Hope that all is going well and smoothly for you!

  10. AHHHH!! Congrats on Baby Boy!!!!!! They are so much fun but be careful when changing that diaper. You gotta keep it covered at all times - trust me. I love dressing up my lil guy in mini-gentleman outfits like ties / sweater vests / blazers / etc :D

  11. How are you doing?? Hope everything is going well!! :)

  12. hope all is well and keep us followers updated soon!! :)

  13. if you no longer want your forever 21 red gingham dress, could I please purchase it from you? I absolutely love it and cannot find it anywhere!

  14. Yay, so glad to hear from you! If Baby Boy is here already, I hope everything went smoothly! If he isn't hear yet, wishing you a safe and speedy delivery! Much love to you :)

  15. How is Baby Boy? Is he sleeping well? Are you sleeping well? :)

    If you decide to blog again, please let me know so I can put you back on my blogroll!


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