Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Outfit 45 - Orangy Red Floral Dress

Hooray for Target dresses from the 75% off rack!  :)  This dress was $6.50 and fit really well......a little too well.  In fact, I need to exchange this for a size small rather than an XS!  If not, I guess my sister will get a new dress!  :D

This cardigan is also from Target, a long long time ago!

Just for fun, and a never-before-done-thing on my blog, I decided to button it up entirely!  *Gulp*  It now looks like a shirt!  =P  I sometimes find that I can't button up my cardigans without it bunching up and looking weird.  >_<


Dress - Target
Cardigan - Target 
Shoes - Marshalls
Belt - Thrifted
Necklace - Garage Sale

Thanks for everyone's suggestions for the previous post!  Seems like leggings would be a good option!  :D I remember when leggings first came "in" and my sister hated them (and still does), but I gradually gave in.  It seems silly but I do care what she thinks, fashion-wise, and when she hates a trend, sometimes I find myself staying away from it even though that particular trend might be slightly appealing to me.   I know, I'm silly!  =P 


  1. Yeah! Hooray for Target - you're really good at finding items off the clearance rack! I know what you mean re: other people's takes on trends. Sometimes I'll also shy away from trends b/c someone else may not like them.

  2. $6.50??? wow thats a bargain find!!

  3. That is a fantastic dress - I never seem to find anything good at the Target clearance section, I need to look harder!

  4. You always look so pretty in bright prints - very vibrant! I think I would actually keep the cardi all the way open to show off the pretty top ruffle :)

  5. Target clearance is the best! That dress is one I think you'll be able to wear into fall by pairing it with some autumnal colors, tights and boots.

  6. That dress is absolutely adorable & you got a steal on it. I love it with the cardi buttoned all the way up!!!

  7. This is from Target?! Where was I?! The print is so fun, and I love the buttoned-up cardi too!

    14 Shades Of Grey

  8. I have that same don't button up the cardigan issue too! I sometimes think, if I wanted to button this, I would have just brought a shirt. But I've found that some cardigans with more embellishments look better buttoned.

  9. $6.50??? That totally looks like a dress we could get in Honolulu! I love the print and the short sleeved cardigan is so cute :). Love target :D

  10. I can't wear cardigans buttoned up either! It's just too much for me :)


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