Friday, September 16, 2011

Outfit 47 - Zig Zaggy Shirt

What's all the hub-bub about the Missoni for Target line?  I heard it crashed Target's website and most Missoni merchandise in stores was gone in two hours after the store opened!  I'm not really knowledgeable about designers, so I had to search on Google for images, and when I saw that the products featured all contained a zig zag pattern, I remembered I had a zig zag patterned blouse myself!  (I personally like my blouse more! Hahaha) 

I changed outta those shoes into these much taller and chunkier shoes.  Gives me extra height!  


I loved the style of this particular pair of shorts by Forever21.  When I tried these on at Goodwill, I thought it fit decently but that it could have used a nice drying in the dryer because it was slightly loose.  After I washed it, I found out it was a size medium.  Doh!  At least now there is a real need for a belt, not just for vanity's sake.  =P

Shirt - Thrifted 
Cardigan - Target 
Shorts - Thrifted 
Belt - Thrifted 
Flats - Marshalls
Wedges - Target 
Bracelet - DIY 


  1. Your bracelets are pretty! Hahaha re: the Missoni craziness. I tried to explain it to my Husband and he said, "Sounds like you're saying 'Wah woh wah woh'" (like Charlie Brown's teacher). He didn't get it. I'm not really sure I do either...but if it causes that much of a ruckus, must be pretty big.

  2. Oh yes, I like that ziggy zaggy shirt of yours. :) I don't usually like busy patters, but I have a soft spot for zig zags. Great outfit.

  3. Ooh, that is a pretty shirt. And I do have to say I like the chunky shoes with it. (I don't get the whole Missoni hoopla either. I didn't even know it was out!)

    14 Shades of Grey

  4. I also like your zigzag better too due to the neutral tones! I'm not sure what's with all the missoni hype either, but it seemed the frenzy were probably from people who thought they can profit from it by selling on ebay. I was searching for cups/tumblers on ebay yesterday, and all I saw were missoni zigzag cups. Was kind of annoying to scroll through all of them, haha (or I should've have used the filter/advanced search thingy).

  5. I really love forever 21 shorts too, including yours. And I like your zig zag shirt as well.

  6. I really like the monochrome look of this outfit. It's really cute, and your "zig zag" blouse adds a bunch of interest! Nice job!


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