Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Outfit 57 - Plaid Maxi Dress

Here I am, looking matronly again.  This must be a maxi dress thing!  >_<  I hope this pattern is plaid!  I could be wrong!

I threw on a magenta cardigan and added a belt.  :D  Simple!


Grrrrr, my feet look so big yet again, relatively speaking!  =P

Another side view.


Dress - Thrifted 
Cardigan - Target 
Belt - Thrifted 
Pendant/Necklace - Mervyns 
Shoes - Target


  1. It sure looks plaid to me!
    I love how the cardigan and belt instantly transform the outfit. That belt is awesome. You look great!

  2. That maxi dress makes you look tall and slim. But I have to admit that I probably wouldn't reach for something quite as patterned.

    I think you can get cream cheese filled crepes from Trader Joe's!

  3. That is plaid indeed.

    I would probably make it into a skirt though - it does look a little busy as a dress. But you break it up with the cardigan, so it works :)

  4. I didn't love the dress until you added the cardi and accessories! It really did wonders for the looks of it. It made it youthful & fun. Really cute on you!

  5. love how the cardigan and belt breaks up the plaid!
    Xox <3 An
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  6. I actually really like that dress :)

  7. lol. i'm pretty sure it's plaid. i think the dress is cute, especially with the buttons down the front. if you feel it's matronly maybe try updating it with a great jacket or necklace...

  8. The sweater and belt instantly transformed the dress. Very cute. Try a darker wash denim jacket - perfect contrast to a feminine dress. You always inspire me!

  9. I agree with the other readers. The cardigan and belt did transform the dress. I like it.

    Where did you buy the dress? Actually the whole outfit?


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