Monday, October 31, 2011

Outfit 56 - Black Lace Mini Skirt

Yep, I had been seeing this type of lace skirt on many *many* fashion bloggers (but in white), so when I found this at Goodwill for $4.50, of course I took it home with me!  The best part (aside from the price), is that it was from the brand Esprit, and the original tags were still attached!  Wait wait, the TRULY best part is that it FIT!  (Too well, maybe?  Can't gain any extra weight though!)  There have been many times when I've had to pass up something cute/awesome because it didn't fit properly, and it's kinda a disappointing feeling, but of course, it limits my shopping by a lot, thankfully!  :D  Can you imagine a world where everything that you picked up just fit you perfectly like a glove?  Yeah, that sounds like an expensive world!  Hahaha. 

Hmmmm....I barely realized how short this skirt appears from these pictures!  Hahaha.

Here's a better look of the lace.  The belt also has a special place in my thrifty heart because it is among one of the first items I've ever thrifted.  It was back when I hadn't stepped foot in a Goodwill, so in retrospect, the prices at this thrift store weren't that low, but they were certainly a lot lower than paying full price (at TJ Maxx, Marshalls or Ross!! Bwhahaha)!  This belt also has a vintage look-and-feel to it.  It's definitely something I imagined my mother would have worn back in the 70's or 80's.  It's elastic and adjustable too!  :D  I am embarrassed to admit I paid $7 for this belt, but since then, I haven't spent over $2 on subsequent belts.  *Phew* 

And, what better way to accessorize than with a fake Chanel purse!  Hahahaha.  I received some positive feedback the last time I introduced my other dupe.  The feedback was in regards to my insecurity of owning and using a dupe, but as long as I don't try to pass it off as the real thing and as long as I don't care about what others think, then it might as well be just another purse.  Simple as that!  :D  Rationalization, complete!

Top - Thrifted 
Skirt - Thrifted 
Belt - Thrifted 
Shoes - Thrifted 
Necklace - Gifted 
Purse - Ebay 
Bracelet - Garage Sale


  1. Oooh, I do love the lacy skirt, even though I'm not sure if I could pull it off. It looks great paired with the floral top!

  2. what a great find on the skirt! Perfect for fall...and I'm eyeing that neat bracelet! I get giddy for your finds, haha :)

  3. ESPRIT! Takes me back to middle school. I would beg my mom to buy me brand named clothes (like ESPRIT) and was embarrassed that our clothes were second hand. Now I know she's a genius. Saved lots of money. Your skirt looks well made. I love finding new with tag items at thrift stores. And your Chanel knock-off is gorgeous.

  4. That skirt is killer! And with that blouse and belt ... Doesn't lace just make you happy.
    New follower!

  5. So great that you found a cute skirt that fits and still had the tags to show that it was new! It looks great on you :)

    I'm also in love with your bracelet - I've been looking for a chunky chain necklace and bracelet!

  6. I'm quite jealous about the fact that you've not had to pay more than two dollars for a belt! I really like the scalloped edges to this skirt. I got a cheap lace skirt from Forever 21 a while ago.

  7. Cute outfit :) Really like the skirt with the belt!

    Great blog, I am now a follower.

    Hailes <3

    P.s Merry Christmas!


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