Monday, July 11, 2011

Outfit 24 - Bridesmaid Dress + DIY Glitter Shoes

So, this weekend, I had the honor of being a bridesmaid to one of my friends from college.  It was a beautiful wedding, as ALL weddings are to me, and I have never met a couple so compatible and perfect for one another!  :)


I ordered the dress in February and at that time, it was a tight fight.  When I wore it this time around, it was actually a tiny bit looser.  Hehehe.  Being that it was strapless, I had to be careful of it slipping down.  Good thing that didn't happen at the wedding! 

I bought this clutch/purse specifically for this wedding since I wanted a place to put my phone and makeup for touch-ups, but then I discovered on the day of that this dress came with pockets!!  Hahaha.  Oh wells.  =P  I guess I can use this purse another time.  It's very sparkly! 


I had needed silver shoes and did not want to spend money on a pair of silver shoes I might not wear often, especially if it was a sandal-heel type of shoe.  So, because this particular pair of black shoes had been slightly scuffed up, I decided it was the perfect shoe to transform.  In the end, I was very very pleased with the shoes. This is what they looked like before all the glitter.


Here are my DIY glitter shoes! This is what they looked like after 4 layers of glitter and one layer of clear acrylic varnish.  This picture definitely does not do it justice.  It is almost blindingly glittery in the right lighting.  It makes me giddy to wear!  =D

This entire outfit including accessories was non-thrifted!  It feels wrong somehow!  =P  

Dress - David's Bridal 
Necklace - DIY
Shoes - Sears - DIY Glitter
Clutch - Marshalls
Watch - Gifted


  1. I love the green shade of your dress and that your dress has pockets; also your DIY shoes are SO COOL!

  2. The dress fits you like a glove! Perfection. Love your clutch too!

  3. wow the shoes are fantastic, great job!! I'm your new follower!

  4. Such a gorgeous coloured dress, and great job on the shoes!!


  5. You look lovely! in the first few photos, I was drooling over the greyish glittery hue of your pumps (I'm into grey shoes evidently), but when I scrolled down, and saw that it was a DIY transformation, I love it even more! Amazing, I've never thought of bedazzling or altering old shoes like that before. And the clutch matches perfectly!

  6. I love the color of the dress and you did an amazing job with the shoes! With what kinda paint did you paint the shoes??? I really like how they turned out!

  7. Cool idea! Would you do a tutorial post on this?

    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  8. @questforfashionsense - Pockets on dresses are soooo cool! :D

    @Lindsay @ Delighted Momma - It would look that way, but it was actually a tiny bit loose. Oh wellz. I'm sure I'll grown into it! =P

    @Marcia B - Thanks for following me!

    @Kelly - Thanks! I love the color too! At first, I was kinda skeptical though. =P

    @Olyvia - You MUST try then!! :) I agree, the clutch does match perfectly since they both sparkle like crazy!

    @Little Petite Blog - Thanks!! I painted it with Modge Podge and fine glitter!

    @LeeAnn, Style N Season - Hmmmm...maybe! :D That would be fun to do again!

  9. Gorgeous dress color! And I LOVE dresses and skirts with pockets.

    Love how you glittered your shoes too. So fantastic!

  10. This shade of green is so pretty on you!! You should wear more of it :) Love the DIY glitter shoes - they turned out so nicely! I think J. Crew has a bunch of glitter shoes right now and you are so on trend.

  11. @K Blue - Thanks! :D

    @SewPetiteGal - I will definitely wear more of this color. I'm going to get this dress altered so it's shorter. Yes, I'm in love with the glitter shoes too! Maybe I need some more in different colors. =D


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