Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Outfit 34 - Forest Green Embellished Top + Skirt

I was drawn to this shirt because of the color and the embellishments.  It being see-through was a bit of a problem though.  =P 

I know peasant skirts aren't really "in" anymore (or are they??), but I liked the color and the length.  It was instant love at first try! 

I'm usually not into things with sequins or beading because I'm afraid it might come off in the wash.  I'm too lazy to hand wash things, but I also doubt that my hands would do a better job than the washing machine anyway.  I just stuck this into one of those delicate bags and hoped for the best!


You might think this is a gratuitous cleavage shot, but it ain't, cuz there's like nothing to see *there*, but at least you can see the beading and sequins better!  Hahaha.  =P 

Shirt - Thrifted 
Skirt - Thrifted 
Belt - Thrifted 
Bracelet - DIY 
Shoes - Target 
Purse - Gifted 


  1. Who cares that peasant skirts are 'in' anymore. The color of that skirt is gorgeous. Love the outfit belted, but I'm always partial to those types of things.

  2. Oh I love the rich peacock color scheme! Great find!

  3. The shirt is so beautiful. It's v8ery original. There is nothing like that these days.

  4. This outfit has this lovely exotic feel to it. I'm loving it. I'm a big fan of beads and shine and frills. :)

    (And I always joke about my major cleavage... which is nonexistent.)

  5. what a fascinating shirt! This style reminds me something like Enya music for some reason, haha (which I am a fan of Enya) I love darkish green colors,perfect for the coming fall!

  6. I'm usually not drawn to beaded or sequined embellishment either, but that top is gorgeous!

    14 Shades Of Grey

  7. Fabulous top! I like how your bag echoes the gold sheen of the blouse. The skirt's a lovely color, too.

  8. You always look so lovely in green! I love beading but then I usually avoid washing it until I absolutely HAVE to :)

  9. I think you did this outfit wonderfully! The shirt looks lovely and delicate. And if peasant skirts aren't in... that's news to me!

    No green tea kit kat bars. Only thing I found disappointing.

  10. @Jenn - Thanks for the reassurance! :D I'm partial to belted outfits too!

    @Vicky - Thanks! Hmmm...never thought of it as peacock colors, but I think I see what you mean!

    @Victoria - Thanks! I'm sure there are many items like it, and even more embellished!

    @K Blue - Ahahahaha, cleavage jokes! =P Especially of the non-existent variety...oh, I know of those!

    @Olyvia -'re the first to mention an outfit reminds you of an artist! Nice! =P I haven't been preparing my wardrobe for fall yet, but I definitely see this in the rotation!

    @Salazar - Oooh, glad to have converted you...sorta!

    @questforfashionsense - Thanks for noticing the details of the bag that go with the outfit! :)

    @SewPetiteGal - So you think green is my color, eh?? I'll have to consider this more! ^_^

    @aki! - Thanks! And, darn there weren't any Green Tea Kit Kat Bars!!! Hope you've at least had an opportunity to try some in the past! It really hit the sweet spot/pleasure center in the brain! :D

  11. I can totally see that shirt being AMAZING for a holiday party. Wow, can you tell I am ready for summer to be over haha.

  12. Another gorgeous outfit! I love the rich green, very monochromatic look and your purse is sooo cute!
    Read your about me...its nice to see another petite blogger (I'm 4'11'') and my boyfriend and I are also attempting to eat a (mostly) paleo diet!

    I do have a question for you if you don't mind me asking: why do you cut your head out of the pictures? You look so cute and your skin is beautiful (I actually looked closer to make sure you weren't a mannequin, haha!) Either way, your outfits are lovely and very well put together!


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