Monday, August 8, 2011

Outfit 36 - Old Navy Orange Yellow Red Gray Dress

I love the color combination of this dress, especially the reds, coral orange, and the yellow.  The belt is suppose to be a lighter gray color, but it looks way darker in these pictures.

I have a thing for chain purses.  :D

Dress - Thrifted 
Belt - Thrifted 
Purse - Thrifted 
Shoes - Target 
Necklace - Gifted

So, I had a semi-dilemma that has now been resolved, thankfully, but you should have heard what was running through my mind before then!  The dilemma was that I had misplaced my wedding rings and had already checked the "usual" spots that I could have carelessly placed them at.  I admit, sometimes, my fingers get itchy/rashy, or swollen, or I'm cleaning and have to get my hands really dirty, and during these times, I take off my rings.  I can go several days without wearing my wedding rings too.  >_<  Here are some ideas I had on what to do: 

A) Tell the husband and have him freak the heck out - my rings are uninsured.  Hahaha.  
B) Assume he probably found them laying around and decided to teach me a lesson, so act cool and play along.  
C) Have this grand idea that maybe he decided to be considerate and so snuck the rings off my finger while I was sleeping and had them re-dipped for me in time for our 3 year wedding anniversary.  (A big fat "YAH RIGHT"!!!) 
D) Find a replacement that looks similar and pass it off as the real thing! 
E) Say nothing and maybe he won't realize it's missing..... 

In the end, thankfully none of these ideas were entertained for too long (only several hours).  I found my wedding rings hanging on my earring stand like they belonged there, which they didn't!!  Before I found them, I was kinda making bargains with the universe (or God) that if I were to find them, I would never take them off again, or only place them in ONE designated area, or get them insured, etc, etc. etc., but now that they're's like old times again and I might or might not have learned my lesson!  >:P


  1. Oh, man...I used to have that same problem, and not just for rings, but for car keys, business cards, etc.

    My husband had to institute a "system" for me, so now I actually do have a designated place for the car keys and for my rings.

    My mom has a little jewelry box that she keeps next to the sink for when she does the dishes. ;D

  2. I usually take off my ring when I get home from school. It kinda gets in the way of cooking and washing dishes.

    One time I was at school and I was applying lotion to my ashy hands so I took off my ring. I placed the ring on the table right in front of me and then someone started talking to me and I got distracted so I didn't put the ring back on. I went to the bathroom later on and as I was washing my hands I was lke "omg, my ring!!!!" I panicked and ran out of the bathroom. I forgot that I placed it on the table and thought it fell on the floor. I looked around quickly and couldn't find it anywhere. Luckily I checked the table and it was under my binder and a some papers I was marking. I was so relieved!

    Complex Cardigans

  3. That would totally give me a heart attack! Yay for finding them!! :)
    Ps- That is so funny you have a similar skirt! Mine was a huge dress that I chopped off and added an elastic waist too! Yay for thrifting!!

  4. wow, the print of the dress looks expensive and so pretty! Whew!! Glad you found your wedding rings. They look expensive as well, haha. That was a scare if you had really lost them. I'm not much of a ring-wearer, so I might ask my hubby-to be to give me engagement/wedding earrings or necklace instead, because finger rings are a hassle, especially if you take them on and off for cooking, washing, and pottery-making, etc...

  5. Love the print of the dress!

    (I have no personal anecdotes about the wedding ring problem, not being married myself, and I don't like wearing rings anyway, but good thing you found them.)

    14 Shades Of Grey

  6. whew! so glad you found them! they're such pretty rings! hope you are more careful from now on...i know it's hard to be, though. ;)

    love that dress btw! i remember trying it on awhile back.

  7. Bless your heart- I hate when I lose something knowing good and well that it is probably in a safe place but can't remember where that safe place might be. I do that often and it drives me insane. Glad you found them!!

  8. That's a pretty dress! Wow I'm glad you found your rings! I would have freaked out too!

  9. - Yeah, my carelessness is not limited to my rings either! Keys and phone too! We kinda have a place for everything, but I tend to just throw my things around. Hahaha.

    @Jenn - Yes, I especially need to take them off when preparing food, like mixing ground beef with my hands. =P

    @Julie - Thanks! I hope to hem mine soon and debut it!

    @Olyvia - Thanks! The dress was certainly not expensive! All wedding rings are expensive though!! :D Hope your future-hubby doesn't mind you wearing your rings on a necklace! I bet he would want you to show it off on your finger! You'll get used to wearing them though, I'm sure. That happened to me too!

    @Salazar - Thanks! You will definitely have anecdotes of wedding rings in your future, but hopefully nothing about misplacing them!

    @kimchi girl - Thanks!! I'm sorta more careful! I put them back on the earring stand. =P Now I'll always look there first! And, how funny that you tried on the exact same dress that I did! Whooo hoo! That's a first!

    @Angela - Thanks! We need to somehow keep better track of our things! =P

    @Little Petite - Thanks! I did freak out for a little bit. =P

  10. The whole ordeal must have been terrifying for you, but now that it’s done, it’s a relief, isn’t it? Haha. Glad you found it right away. I was laughing while reading your excuses to your husband because those excuses also came to my mind when my wedding ring went AWOL. Thankfully, I found it the next day. Btw, I love your rings. They’re beautiful.


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