Friday, August 12, 2011

Outfit 38 - Light Green Button-Up Shirt + Forest Green Skirt

I love this skirt!  I have another one that looks eerily similar - the peasant skirt I featured a week ago!  I even bought them on the same thrifting trip!  >_<  The shades of green are slightly different.  That's what I used as an excuse! 

Oh, it's the mandatory belting!

I added this knit/crochet vest.  Much warmer now!

Shirt - Thrifted 
Skirt - Thrifted 
Vest - Thrifted 
Belt - Dollar Tree
Necklace - DIY 
Shoes - Marshalls

In the previous entry, I mentioned our mosquito problem.  Today, I come to you with a that is rather silly but practical!  At first, I looked into some indoor mosquito catching machines on Amazon, but all of those were poorly rated.  Then, I figured one of those electronic mosquito traps that sizzle the mosquito on contact would be a good idea, though instead of placing it outdoors, I would place it indoors when we came across a mosquito.  That idea was the winning idea for a bit, until I discovered the warning that specified it was not intended to be used in an area with human activity.  Darn!  I knew I didn't want to spray DEET or any other chemicals.  I then recalled how some people used mosquito nets that hung over their beds as a way to keep mosquitoes away when they were sleeping, and that idea went off like a light bulb.  I checked on Ebay and I'm going to get us a bed canopy!!  It basically looks like a tent!!  I admit, it looks kinda silly, but at least I can pretend that we're camping!  Fun stuff!  I might include a picture when it's all set up!  =P 


  1. love the transformation of your outfit!

  2. You got your belt at the Dollar Tree? That's awesome!

    14 Shades Of Grey

  3. I love mosquito nets! They can actually look really romantic...

    like this:

    I've always liked the idea of a bed canopy.

  4. I love the looked belted and with that vest! And boy, I hate mosquitoes.

  5. Hi There! Thank you for stopping by and commenting! What a great blog you have here and I love that skirt! It looks like a recent silk crinkle maxi dress at Ann Taylor going for $150+. You scored a great find and I love the vest too! Would you be interested in following each other?

  6. I loved the outfit journey from pic 1 to pic 3! You got good style :)

    Wanna follow each other? Let me know:

  7. wow, a belt and vest can do wonders to a simple outfit. What a wonderful inspiration! Thank you for sharing!

    Thanks for the lovely comments!


  8. LOL about mandatory belting but it definitely makes such a huge difference! As always, looking lovely in green :)

    And about the mosquito net canopy - it can also be super romantic! Think of those tropical destination resorts that have them all over the place!

  9. @Marcia B. - Thanks! :D

    @Salazar - Yep, the Dollar Tree! It was a children's belt, and it came in a set of two! - I think so too regarding mosquito nets, but our ceiling is too high for it to hang from. ;P Ours would look much more ghetto!

    @Jenn - Thanks! Mosquitoes are soooo annoying!!

    @B. Inspired - Thanks! It's hard to compare a silk maxi dress to this cheap-o skirt of mine, but thanks for making me feel great about getting a good deal!

    @Nav - Thanks for stopping by! :)

    @Mongs - Yep, it's that simple! :D I only learned about that recently and pretty much incorporate belts in every single outfit of mine!

    @SewPetiteGal - Mandatory! Thanks for loving green on me! I'll probably associate you with the color green now too! :) I think it would be pretty neat to be underneath a canopy, but maybe claustrophobic too? =P

  10. I really like the pleats on your skirt. It looks super cute and twirly. Sorry about your bug issue. I HATE bugs!


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