Monday, October 10, 2011

Outfit 52 - Sheer Floral Tunic + Blue Skirt

I bought this sheer tunic because it fit well.  Fit comes first!  I definitely knew I wanted to wear it as a dress, but in retrospect, it would've been kinda short.  Sooooo, I was super excited that I figured to wear a skirt underneath to add length!  Again, I know this is a "duh" thing, but it's my first time!  Hahaha.  =P

Of course, since I had a perfectly matching cardigan on hand, I had to wear it!

I added a flower pin.  Pinning stuff on my shirts/sweaters makes me sad though!  :(

I realized I matched every color in this outfit, the blues, reds, and greens, and perhaps even the yellow on the tunic goes with the gold from the necklace and pendant.  :D

Tunic - Thrifted 
Cami - Wet Seal
Skirt - Forever21
Cardigan - H&M
Belt - H&M
Shoes - Target 
Flower Pin - Claire's
Pendant/Necklace - Thrifted


  1. That's a great trick! My first inclination is always to put on tights when an item is too short--a skirt is a creative option that I still have not tried yet. Does pinning your sweaters make you sad b/c there may be holes afterwards...? Is there a superstition that I don't know about...?

  2. Beautiful pattern on that dress -and wow your legs are TDF!

  3. I'm sort of in love with that necklace!!!

    Get Up & Go

  4. Love your creativity. The blue under skirt looks belong there.

  5. This outfit is so fun! It reminds me of the Alps or some quaint European countryside in a good way.

  6. I absolutely love this outfit. The color combo is perfect!

  7. That blue skirt is so cute peeking out from under the tunic! I wouldn't add the cardigan, but then again it's just me :)

    14 Shades Of Grey

  8. Oh I really love this dress- the colours and patterns are stunning!

  9. this is a really cute tunic, I love all those prints and colors on it, and you look great! It's a great idea to wear a skirt beneath a tunic, cuz it's always a little too short to be worn as a dress. I like the matching cardi too, very chic outfit!


  10. what a cute trick! gives the skirt more poof as well. love your style.

  11. Wearing a skirt under a short dress is not only functional, but looks really cute, too, especially love the solid color peaking out from a patterned hemline. Very cute! The blue cardi balances it all out.


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