Thursday, October 13, 2011

Outfit 53 - Black Maxi Dress

I have another maxi dress to add to my collection!  I just hope it's "maxi" enough.    I found the fit to be perfect on me, though I don't actually know the ideal length a maxi skirt should hit on the bottom.

I knew I had wanted to try this tied-shirt thing with the maxi dress first.

Side view!  The shoes and the shirt sorta-kinda match. Sorta.  :D

I decided to try on some flats.  I think I might prefer the extra height of the first pair of shoes.  =/

The necklace I'm wearing is the Astoria Necklace from  I was gifted a Groupon that allowed me to select two pieces from the site.  :) I don't really think anything on Jewelmint is truly worth $30.  >_<  I do love this necklace though! 

Maxi Dress - Thrifted 
"Chambray" Shirt - Target 
Necklace - Jewelmint - Gifted 
Bracelet - $1 
Wedges - Marshalls 
Flats - Marshalls 


  1. Oh! I really like it with the tied front shirt! That's a great contrasting color, the light blue. I prefer the outfit with the leopard flats. Looking chic, girlie!

  2. I wouldn't call this a maxi because for me a maxi has to hit at least your ankles, but it's too long to be a midi... so I honestly don't know. It looks good with the wedges though!

  3. I love the dress with the shirt on top - it looks so cool and effortless! It also makes you look tall with long legs - a plus!

  4. I like your remixing posts, this black dress does look more interesting with the tie front shirt. I like how you mix formal wear with casual wear. Turns out pretty neat! Great idea!


  5. Black maxi dresses are so easy to style in a billion different ways. I love these ideas.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. I like this, but I consider it a long dress, not a maxi dress. I prefer my maxi dresses to almost trail the floor. Love the tied shirt though. Looks great.


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