Monday, May 9, 2011

Outfit 2 - A Sheer Floral Top

Gee, I really need to work on the titles.  I'm so bad with descriptions as well!

I know it's already spring, but it's still not as warm as it should be, though it certainly was a couple of days ago.  (Hello mid-80's and sunshine!) Also, now that I think about it, dark colors like this almost seem inappropriate for a spring outfit.  I wore a black lace top underneath so the lace peeped out a bit on the top.  I like the pattern of the shirt dress but am not so sure I am fond of the shape.  A belt fixes most things though =P  I am also wearing pants!  Hahaha.

After I layered a green cardigan, I liked this outfit a lot more.  It helped to hide the awkward shape.  I'm very new to layering.  I've been afraid to do it in the past for fear of looking too bulky.  >_<  I also noticed that this outfit contains no items that were thrifted!  Oh wells!  Maybe next time! 

Shirt Dress: Target
Lace Top: Ebay
Leggings: Marshalls
Belt: Dollar Tree
Cardigan: Target
Necklace: Stole from sister.  :) 
Bracelet: H&M
 Boots: Sketchers

Below are some items I found from a garage sale.  I'm quite pleased with the purchase.  The necklaces were only $1 each, and it was a fund-raising drive, so no guilt!  =P  I've been looking for chunky necklaces because most of mine are small and dainty.

These brooches were 50 cents each.  I was enamored with the black bow, and was quite excited over the cameo brooch, though I know it's merely cheap plastic.  =P  I've been on a brooch kick lately. 

Well, that's all for now!  :)

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