Friday, May 13, 2011

Outfit 4 - Ruffled Top with Pencil Skirt

I really like the polished look of a pencil skirt.  It looks so classy.  That's what I was going for.  This skirt was thrifted from Goodwill for $5, and it happens to be name brand (United Colors of Benneton). It's non-wrinkle, supposedly.  I still had to iron it a tiny bit though.  It's also un-lined.  :(

I first tried on this button-up shirt from Express that I had purchased years ago.  I liked that it tied in the front.  I didn't like that I couldn't wear a cardigan over this without the semi-puffy sleeves showing through, so I changed.

The next thing I went for was something sleeveless with ruffles!  This shirt was thrifted by my sister, but she ended up giving it to me.  I forgot the reason....maybe it was too big for her?  Hahaha.


To complete the look, I definitely knew I was going to add a strand of pearls.  This necklace of mine is near and dear to my heart because my mother gifted this to me for my wedding.  :) I own a low of cheap items, but I really have learned that some nice things really pay for themselves over time if you wear them frequently.  I used to save these nice things for special occasions, but then they ended up not getting worn or used enough.  I am changing that though!

Cardigan: Ann Taylor - Thrifted
Express Shirt: Express
Ruffle Sleeveless Shirt: Banana Republic - Thrifted
Skirt:  United Colors of Bennetton - Thrifted
Shoes: Sears
Pearls: Gifted
Belt: Thrifted 


  1. oohh you look very lovely. i actually like the first look the best :)

  2. This skirt looks so classy with both tops! I've yet to find a pencil skirt that fits right for me. I'm just drooling over your thrift-finds!

  3. @Sunshine - Thanks! *Blushing*

    @Olyvia - Hehehe. Hope this inspires you to thrift more as well! :)


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