Saturday, June 4, 2011

Outfit 12 - Forest Green Ruffle

Sometimes, there are things I thrift that I love, and then there are some items that I *LOVE*!  This blouse is one of those items.  =D The material is sheer and soft, and I don't encounter this color that often.  The skirt is actually pretty neat since there are shorts hidden underneath, but you could never tell.  =P  I also find it amusing that this skirt is actually a size large, probably because it's a Chinese brand.  o.O

Here, you can see a close-up of the ruffles. The belt is a dark maroon color with an alligator texture to it.  I hope the colors went together!  >_< 

The shoes were a pretty awesome find from our local Savers.  $6.99 for Stuart Weitzman shoes in very good condition!  I thought the brand sounded familiar.  I checked online and shoes from this brand retail for $250 and upwards!  I considered myself pretty lucky since I was looking for a pair of black pumps.  I feel so giddy on the inside and outside!  Hehehe.  :)

Blouse: Thrifted 
Skirt: Thrifted 
Belt: Thrifted 
Necklace: Icings
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman - Thrifted


  1. This is a gorgeous color combination on you - the maroon + forest green look so good together! Great find on the Stuart Weitzman shoes!

  2. I'm concerned that we may be sharing a single brain, for the following reasons:
    1. The (gorgeous!) shirt in this picture looks like a green version of a blue blouse that I thrifted recently. : P
    2. Magic School Bus set for future kids? BRILLiant!
    3. You just had a shrimp taco wrap today? That was my plan for the next wrap I try! How did you knoooow? Amazing.

  3. @SewPetiteGal - Tee hee. Thanks!!

    @Pineapple - Your comment made me LOL! Hahaha. I totally see it, definitely a cause for concern! ^_~ We're enabling each other!! (More please!!)

  4. Green and grey is a great combination - love the ruffled shirt - so feminine :)

    xo Nav

  5. @Nav - Thanks! Hmmm...I never thought about green and grey just naturally going together. I just threw it together, but now I will keep that in mind! I bet grey goes with everything!

  6. This is such a chic and put together outfit. Great deals. =)


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