Monday, June 20, 2011

Outfit 17 - Tied Green Shirt + Floral Skirt + Electric Blue Wedges!

When I attempt to put together an outfit, I usually focus on one item from my closet and work around that one item.  Today, it was a lucky day for this light green sleeveless button-up shirt which I had thrifted two years ago but had not worn even once!  >_<  I found a skirt and did the standard thing of belting everything.

That proved to be okay, but kinda boring, right?  =P  This shirt just looked like one that needed to be tied up, and so I did just that!


Too bad I ain't brave enough to bare my midsection.  You wouldn't wanna see that hanging out anyway.  =P


Just because I'm sure you couldn't keep your eyes off these true electric blue wedges, here's a close-up!  I purchased these more than three years ago from Marshalls, and it is quite obvious that I could NOT resist the color.  It was calling out to me, so I had to buy them!  I just think this color goes so well with the green color of my belt.  LOVE!  *Sigh*


Green Undershirt - Target 
Sleeveless Light Green Shirt - Thrifted   
Belt - Thrifted 
Skirt - Hand-me-down 
Bracelet - Handmade 
Necklace - Dollar store 
Electric Blue Shoes - Marshalls

Oh, just wanted to let ya'll know that I do read and answer every single comment I receive.  I usually answer on the previous post right before I post up a new entry, so if you ever ask a question or make a cool comment, I definitely acknowledge it!  :D  


  1. Pretty colors! I liked the green and loved how you paired it with the electric blue wedges. Also, tying your shirt really defined your waistline even more; I'll have to remember that trick.

  2. I love the way you tied up the shirt! It looks so summery that way! And those shoes are to die for!! =)

  3. Great decision on tying the shirt! It looks infinitely cooler! And your shoes are electric indeed!

  4. What a difference tying the shirt makes! I love it and seriously those shoes are stunning!

    I just ordered some blue flats and hope they are as pretty as yours :)

  5. Those electric blue wedges are awesome! You had me at first sight with the electric blue pumps (on the PFC #7) and now you got me on these! They look great with the green-tone outfit too!

  6. OOoo.... those wedges! SWOOOOOOON!!! Love them!


  7. @questforfashionsense - Hmmm, good point about defining the waistline. I never thought of that!

    @Tiffany - Thanks, Tiffany!

    @hurricanekerrie - Thanks! =D Gotta have my electric blues!

    @SewPetiteGal - Hehehe. I hope you like your flats! Can't wait to see them featured on your blog!

    @Olyvia - This just goes to show you need a pair of shoes in this particular blue color!

    @Kristine @ JandMs Eye Candy - Thanks! :D


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