Thursday, June 16, 2011

Outfit 16 - PFC #8 "Spinning the Favorite"

Well, it appears to be that time of month again!  Thanks to Gracie of Radiator Sessions for hosting this month's Petite Fashion Challenge!  

Here's an excerpt of what this month's challenge entails:

Many times we settle with a style and rarely venture out to explore new ways to piece clothes and style outfits in new and different ways. With this month, I’m hoping for all of us to venture out of our comfort zones to expand our styling skills. 

Thus, the challenge will be to take a “go-to” outfit, put a spin on it by styling it in a different way but still keeping a couple of essential components.

If changing up the your signature style is too great of a feat or if your closet just doesn’t quite allow it, you can keep within your signature style but tweak a few items to transform your outfit for a different occasion.

Sooo, first we have to define what my "go-to" outfit is.  It can probably be summarized by this simple equation: Shirt + Cardigan + Belt + Skirt = Go-To Outfit.  No brainer, eh?  Naturally, that is what I put together for this challenge, with the major twist being......a jean skirt!  *Gasp* 
I know jean skirts are probably horribly out-of-style.  This particular skirt has been sitting in my closet for years.  I was *this* close to getting rid of it, but maybe I had a soft spot for it, with the hopes that it would eventually come back into style....maybe?  I remember the way I would wear it years ago was with the jean skirt sitting on my hips.  I hated how it would always inch up higher and higher, which is probably why I avoided it.  Now, this time around, I just did the work for it by hiking it up, and....tucking a shirt into it!  *Gasp* (Me and tucking in shirts don't go very far back!)  So, in a sense, I'm pretending it's a high-waisted skirt.  

Also, instead of a regular belt, I used a houndstooth-patterned scarf.  (I had been itching to try something like that!)  

Well, here's the typical cardigan with the outfit.  But, I added a flower brooch to make it more interesting.  Again, a first! (Read: I am bad at accessorizing. That is usually harder than putting together the actual outfit!)
Then I gotta involve one of my favorite purses in this!  =P

Hmmm, it's actually pretty difficult to see the ruffles on the black shirt, but I assure you they're there.  
Next thing you know, I'll be dusting out my khaki skirts!  Anyway, thanks for stopping by!  :)

Shirt - Thrifted 
Cardigan - Thrifted 
Scarf Belt - Thrifted 
Jean Skirt - Ross 
Pearl Necklace - Gifted 
Flower Brooch - Dollar Store
Watch - Gifted 
Purse - Marshalls
Shoes - Thrifted 


  1. haha! I am totally with you with accessorizing. I have SUCH a hard time trying to put things together. I think your end result turned out really well, and you know, the denim skirt isn't THAT out of style... I hope! :) I still wear mine!

  2. I think the flower on your cardigan really makes the whole outfit. My fave part!

  3. Great black/white outfit...your cardigan is too cute! :-)

  4. So pretty! Love the flower!!

  5. Love the addition of the flower brooch. It just makes everything that much more feminine and interesting.

    Your writing "voice" is awesomely quirky! I love reading it.

  6. Shirt + Cardigan + Belt + Skirt = Go-To Outfit is true for me too...well, minus the belt. My typical outfit when I worked in the financial sector was pretty much pumps, of course. As for the denim skirt, it might not be in-in, but it's something that can be styled to look more "it." :)

  7. The flower pin on the cardigan is perfection. It totally made the outfit!

  8. I really like this outfit! It's put together very nicely. The denim skirt actually matches as a high-waisted skirt. And the flower adds a nice touch to the cardigan.

  9. I think this was an absolute success! They're actually still selling jean skirts at Old Navy so maybe you're on to something here. :)

  10. i loved jean skirts when i was in undergrad. it's definitely hard to refine them, but you did a wonderful job!


  11. Gah I love everything about this outfit! And what? Jean skirts are out of style?!? I always assumed they were just classic pieces and never went out!

  12. If denim skirts are out of style now, they will eventually come back in style in a few years. That's what I plan on doing with mine, haha. I love your use of black, white, and accessorizing for this outfit. So chic!

  13. would have never thought accessorizing was hard for you to do...this ensemble is incredible.

    reverting this into a high waisted skirt by tucking in was a fabo idea as well as it streamlines the look.

    great job! :)

    kimchi girl

  14. I think you did a fantastic job and the denim skirt adds an interesting element to your look. I love mixing up casual and work appropriate pieces to keep things a little off kilter. lol.

  15. Lovely outfit!

    Seeing you in your jean skirt makes me want to pull out mine! It's been in my "holding" bag (i.e. about to donate, but haven't given it away yet). I'm afraid my jean skirt's too mini, but I do love it so...

  16. You are so stinkin' cute! I personally still love jean skirts. I think they are classic. And you pulled off a beautiful look! I love everything about it. Love the scarf belt. Love the cardigan and flower. Oh the flower. When I saw the photo with the cardigan, I swooned. And the purse pulls everything together.

  17. Ahh, I love it! Normally I abhor denim skirts, but only because I can't ever find a way to make them look chic or modern. You definitely did a great job dressing it up. I love your style!

  18. oooh, I absolutely love your black and white houndstooth scarf-belt!

  19. love the combo! i love everything in this afternoon and how everything came together, beautiful :)

    xo Nav

  20. Your accessories and overall look is perfect. If the denim skirt wasn't "in" before, it is now! Love the scarf as a belt. Great pattern.

  21. @Erin - Thanks! Glad to know you wear your denim skirt proudly!

    @The Little Dust Princess - Yes, my favorite part was the flower too!

    @*elvi* - Thanks!

    @Kiki - Thanks!

    @Gracie - Hehehe. Yep, this flower brooch is receiving a lot of compliments! Thanks for hosting this PFC, Gracie! *Blushing* Glad you appreciate my quirky *voice*!

    @CynthiaC - Glad to hear we follow the same equation! It never fails!

    @Alternations Needed - Thanks for taking the time to comment!

    @Kimberly - Thanks for the compliments! I was definitely trying to make the denim skirt into a high-waisted one!

    @hurricanekerrie - Oooh, jean skirts at Old Navy? Maybe you're right! Glad I held onto it!

    @gold N turquoise - Awwww, thanks, Jenny! I remember wearing jean skirts too as an undergrad, but that was a long time ago!

    @Elaine A (ToBeautyReviews) - Yay! I'm happy to hear you consider jean skirts a classic! =D WIN!

    @Cee - Thanks! I took some inspiration from you, of course! Referring specifically to the scarf-belt!

    @kimchi girl - Thanks for thinking I make accessorizing look easy! Hahaha. Trial and error....lots of error! It just makes me want MORE accessories though!

    @Stylepint - Thanks! I know how much you love mixing casual with work appropriate attire as well! :D

    @questforfashionsense - Yay! Bring it out and back to life! Your readers will have to judge for ourselves whether the skirt is too mini! ^_~

    @K Blue - Awwww, thanks! ^____^ I'm glad I was able to make you swoon! My job is complete! Hehehe.

    @Irene ( - Thanks, Irene! Hopefully you will be able to work a denim skirt in your wardrobe somehow...only if you want to, of course! =P

    @Olyvia - Thanks! I love it too! Glad I finally got some use outta it!

    @Nav - Thanks! :D

    @kris - Glad to hear you consider it "in" now! I can wear it in peace! =P

  22. I"m finally catching up on commenting! :)

    I love how you put this together - the houndstooth scarf as belt is genius and adds such a fab touch to the whole thing!


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