Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Outfit 20 - Polka Dot Button-Up Shirt + Pleated Skirt

This polka-dot shirt was actually an impulse grab as I entered the dressing room.  I saw the polka-dotted fabric peeking out from the rack and was pleasantly surprised to pull out this shirt in a style I liked, and in my size! I tried on several items but this shirt was the only thing I ended up getting.   I guess I can never leave Goodwill empty-handed, that's for sure!  =P  This outfit reminds me of an outfit that my mother might have worn back-in-the-day (before I existed!), which is why I paired it with these particular shoes, also something she would have worn.

I switched those shoes out for my plain black ones though.  I don't know why, but I didn't like how they looked from the side.  Maybe I was being too self-conscious of my legs looking short in those shoes....>_<

The belt is also among some of the first items I've ever thrifted!  The clasp is unique, which is why I chose it. 


I paired the vintage purse my mother had given me to complete the look!  :)

Shirt - Thrifted 
Belt - Thrifted 
Pleated Skirt - Thrifted 
Vintage Purse - Gifted 
Necklace - Claire's
Sandals - Target 
Black Shoes - Sears

Also, I'd like to say thanks for all the feedback that was given for the previous entry!  It seemed like an even split for either cardigan, so I guess I can't go wrong!  :D  


  1. That's a really nice shirt! I love that you paired it with a vintage purse and that cool belt! Retro-modern look. :)

  2. That skirt is adorable! And I do love the black shoes better - they make the whole look more put-together.

    14 Shades Of Grey

  3. The polka dot shirt is lovely! I also love the sandals from target they're super cute. I am always self conscious about my legs looking too short lol. I wear wedges most of the time so I can look taller :) LITTLE PETITE

  4. Love the pleated skirt! So adorable! I think if the black shoes were in the same style as the first shoe would be perfect. But the black streamlines the outfit so that your top pops out more. =)

  5. Love the belt! Blogger's doing something weird where I'm unable to comment, so hope this one goes through!

  6. Love this look and I adore the belt!

  7. I love the skirt! And I love how so many of your items are thrifted in your outfits. I've gotten to the point where if I have an outfit that has no items from the thrift store, I feel kind of bad about it. So I'm quite impressed by how many of your clothes are from Goodwill!

    Also, thanks for the warm welcome back to blogging! :)


  8. Polka dots & Pleats - oh my! What's not to love? I think this is an adorable outfit. Hooray!

  9. Oh wow so cute, that pleated skirt is adorable! It actually reminds me of one of my uniform skirts (but yours is MUCH nicer) from back in high school - kind of wish I kept it now :P i don't think the first shoes make your legs look short at all! In fact I was thinking the whole time how long your legs looked.

  10. Such a cute outfit! Great finds! And can I just say...AWESOME purse :) THanks for posting on Thrifty Thursday :)

  11. There's a thrift store over by where I live that I NEVER leave empty handed either. Not like the mall....

  12. Your pleated skirt looks great with your dotted blouse!

  13. Oh my goodness, this is hands down my favorite OOTD of yours! I love, love the polka dots, the belt buckle, and the pleats = it all just looks beautiful together on you!

  14. @hurricanekerrie - Thanks! I love retro-modern looks! :D

    @Salazar - Thanks for your input regarding the black shoes!

    @Little Petite Blog - I hear ya on wanting to look taller, especially as fellow petites!

    @Stylepint - Thanks! Great insight into why the black shoes appear to work better. :D

    @Quest For Fashion Sense - Glad I got your comment!

    @Elle - Thanks!

    @Bri - Yep, I'm a serial thrifter! I definitely can relate to your guilt of wearing a completely non-thrifted outfit! You're welcome for the welcoming! Just glad to see you back! :D

    @K Blue - Thanks! Can't go wrong with the combination of polka dots and pleats!

    @Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) - I recall uniform skirts and they do look quite similar. Who knew they would eventually be cool to wear one day, eh? Thanks for your comment about my legs looking long....Hehehe. :D

    @Modest Fashion Sense - I love the purse too....I'm sure everyone's sick of seeing it!

    @aki! - Yeah, it's IMPOSSIBLE for me to leave the thrift store empty-handed! Hear hear!

    @Shen Dove - Thanks!

    @SewPetiteGal - Wow! How can I even possibly put together a better outfit since this is your favorite?? =P The pressure's on! Hehehe.

  15. i LOVE that skirt! i think i gotta get me a pleated skirt now!

  16. @madison avenue - Yep! Must have in the closet! :)

  17. Lovely outfit; the skirt and belt work together beautifully.


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